Hepatitis C’s Impact – From Head to Toe

HCV News LogoHepatitis C is a common, infectious virus that targets the liver; yet this illness can affect many other parts of the body. Because we generally don’t equate a long list of health issues with the liver, many don’t recognize the connection between Hepatitis C and a vast array of ailments.

Studies have found that between 70 and 74 percent of those with Hepatitis C experience extrahepatic manifestions – conditions that affect organs other than the liver. In hopes of prompting those infected to stay as healthy as possible, below is a list of seven other areas that can be impacted when the liver is continuously battling against the Hepatitis C virus.

Brain – When Hepatitis C infection causes enough liver damage to impair this organ’s ability to filter the blood, toxins can build up in the bloodstream. Unfortunately, accumulated toxicity may damage the central nervous system and impair brain function. Known as hepatic encephalopathy, symptoms may include confusion, forgetfulness, poor concentration, personality changes, abnormal shaking, agitation, disorientation, slurred speech and, in the most severe cases, coma. By aiding detoxification, supplementing with a comprehensive nutraceutical such as Liver Support & Detox can help prevent brain involvement via inhibition of toxin accumulation.

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Hepatitis C’s Impact – From Head to Toe | Hepatitis Central.


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