Twitter, Alicia Keys, and Video

Celebrity News on PanAwareNew media continues to be an effective tool to extend the reach of our HIV programs. An example can be found with this Sunday’s “We Are Empowered” National Watch Party and Twitter Chat about women and HIV/AIDS in America.

Alicia Keys

Hosted by Grammy Award-winning artist and HIV advocate Alicia Keys along with Greater Than AIDS, “We Are Empowered” is a conversation with five women living with HIV in the U.S. on between 8-9 pm ET (5-6pm PT) this Sunday. Ms Keys will be chatting on Twitter live during the event as it is streamed. The hashtag for the event is #WeAreEmpowered.

In calling this event to the attention of our readers, we are thinking about how local, state and regional HIV programs can learn from how this event used new media.

We are interested in the use of Twitter for HIV/AIDS related communication and the potential reach of this event. We’ve asked Greater Than AIDS to tell our readers more about us how these tools meet the goal of the event in a future post.


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